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About Us...


Phil and Juanita Box
After retiring from beverage sales, Phil started the St. Helena Brewing Company with his family in Middletown, California.  After the sale of the
brewery, Phil and his wife, Juanita, Napa residents for over 35 years, opened Trees of Napa Valley.  It has grown to several acres of plants over the years. Sadly, Phil passed in 2014, but his family honors his legacy by continuing his personal, neighborly service. 


Lisa Box-Solis

Phil's daughter, Lisa, manages the office and administration along with Juanita. Lisa grew up in Napa and is a Vintage High Alumni. In addition to being office manager at Trees of Napa Valley, she assists with nursery sales and is a long-standing staff member of Robert Martin DDS.


Dylan Solis

Phil's grandson, Dylan, works daily at the nursery maintaining the plants and handling on-site sales. Dylan is also a Vintage High Alumni, born and raised in Napa.  He has worked hard to develop his understanding and knowledge of plants and is continuously eager to learn more. His enthusiasm and commitment to the nursery are something which his grandfather would be proud of.


Kim Andrews 

Kim has been with Trees of Napa Valley for over ten years.  She helps with the bookkeeping, marketing and social media for the nursery. Kim has an extensive botanical knowledge of plants and assists with the plant inventory.


Michael Meredith

Michael is the newest member of the team, however, plants are not new to him.  He is knowledgeable down to the Latin names and
sub-species of plants.  He knows about plant care and pruning and is assisting with sales at the nursery.  We feel fortunate to have him on board!

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